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DPG Presents our Fall Promotion Floors+ Sale!

Buy a Full-Sized Floor Tarp
Uniforms, Props, or Flags and get discounts

  • Floor + One More Category – 5% OFF WHOLE ORDER
  • Floor + Two More Categories – 10% OFF WHOLE ORDER
  • Floor + Three More Categories – 15% OFF WHOLE ORDER

Our Floors+ Sale is our Fall Promotion and runs from now until December 1st. Payment or a Purchase order MUST be received PRIOR to December 1st, no exceptions.

  • Orders must also have art approval before December 1st to qualify for the promotion.
  • Each “category” is a $400 minimum order
  • Preprinted floors do not count as a floor. Must be custom.
  • No pre-printed flags or uniforms. Must be custom.
  • All orders must be received and paid in full prior to December 1st (approved purchase orders accepted).